Mexico Beyond Mariachi was created 15 years ago to address the needs of NYC communities to know more about tradional Mexican performance culture beyond what they knew as Baile Folklorico*

What seemed so obvious was being overlooked! While Mexican influence is all around us, what do people really know about the traditions of Mexico’s music and dance culture, the stories legends and myths that are interwoven with their orgins, and how do we effectively communicate that knowledge to young audiences?

Responding to that need, MBM worked with artists in Mexico and here in the United States to create arts in education and school performance programs that we’ve taken to over 250 schools on the East Coast.

Building on that success, in 2015 MBM mounted a full scale touring show for performing arts centers with cool lighting and imaginative video to further help tell the story to young audiences and families nationwide.

*Baile Foklorico is a stylized form which incorporate elements of ballet that was created in the early 20th century by Amalia Hernandez to theatricalize folk traditions.



  • Peter Basil Bogdanos

    (Co-founder, Executive Director)

    Narrator, Jarana, Percussion

  • Alda Reuter

    (Co-founder, Artistic Director)

    Dance, Flute, Percussion, Vocals

  • Juan Lucero


    Dance, Requinto, Jarana, Vihuela, Vocals

  • Sinuhé Padilla-Isunza

    (Musical Director)

    Jarana, Leona, Vocals

  • Mireya Ramos

    Vocals, Violin, Guitarron

  • Claudia Valentina

    Dance, Vocals


  • Andres Flores

    Jarana, Percussion, Dance

  • Felipe Fournier

    Vibrophone, Percussion

  • Benjamin de Jesus Gonzalez

    Harp, Violin

  • Claudio Vega

    Jarana, Quinto

  • Cecilia Ortega


  • George Saenz